Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club Est. 1985

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Thank you for inquiring about membership with the Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club (GPSC).

First and foremost, we are about having serious fun and furthering the working dog movement in the United States through United Schutzhund Clubs of America. Some of our members have shown their dogs at regional, national, and international events. We are one of the few “elite” clubs in the United States that can say that every full member has titled a dog, which, as you will learn, is only one of our great accomplishments. In order to get to these levels of competition and to achieve these and other accomplishments, we must take our training sessions and membership responsibilities very seriously and we would expect you to also.

Important Notes:
(1) When you come to the field with your dog, the dog must be in a travel crate in your vehicle. We have had uncrated dogs jump out of the owners vehicle. We want to prevent your dog from harming itself, other club members, or their dogs. This rule is not optional and you will be asked to leave the field if you show up with the dog uncrated.

(2) We do not own the Armory field. The Armory Officer in Charge has stated that if the day after we train, they can tell we were there, we will loose our training field. So, clean up after yourself, pickup cigarette butts, clean up after your dog, etc. No exceptions!

(3) When training at Ben-Jee Kennels, please understand that there will be customers utilizing the kennels services. Be respectful of all clients and keep your dog under control at all times.

For a dog/handler team to rise to the level that every member of this club strives to, we must train in all three phases of Schutzhund. Tracking and obedience is every bit as important as protection. We will not train a dog in only one or two phases of Schutzhund; you must attend and participate in all three phases of the training. In order for you to progress, you must train on your own at home. The training director will let you know what you should be practicing and it is up to you to do it.

We work with new clients/members to help them learn the sport of Schutzhund and support them in their quest for greatness. New clients/members, especially novice dog handlers, are time consuming for our training director and helpers. In return for our help, we need your help! We expect everyone to show up on time, learn, and HELP OUT!

For training sessions, you are required to help with things such as field setup, teardown, and cleanup. The field is setup the same way every time, take the initiative to jump in and help. If you are not sure what to do, ask for guidance.

Club events require a lot of participation to get things organized and setup. If you have a special skill that will help with getting things organized, please volunteer. Getting the field setup requires a lot of work and we need all of the strong backs that we can get.

To keep training as a client/ member, we will be watching for three things.

(1) You must attend a minimum of 70% of the training sessions and you must train in all phases.
(2) Prospective clients/members must show initiative and willingness to work during training sessions, trials and events.
(3) The dog/handler team must show progress towards titles and the overall understanding of Schutzhund training theories.

If these three things are not met, the client/ member will lose affiliation with GPSC and will be asked not to attend further training sessions. These requirements are clearly laid out in our bylaws and serve to preserve our club’s elite status in the world of Schutzhund and insure it’s future. It is our feeling that being associated with GPSC is a great commitment on each and every client/member’s part and there are other training methods for people that cannot make the commitment that we require.

We elect new full members at our annual meeting in January. Election to full membership is based on vacancies in the full member roster and the readiness of client/ member applicant.

Our training schedule is as follows:
(1) Saturday morning at 8:00 am meet at Ben-Jee for tracking at various locations. Obedience and protection starts immediately after. If field conditions warrant at Ben-Jee, the training session may be moved to Spring City Armory.
(2) Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm at Ben-Jee Kennels or at Spring City Armory for obedience and protection. Some members arrive at the field around 5:45 pm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 215-257-1565 or you can email me at You can also check out our web site at for additional information.

Barbara Hill
Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club